Published on 16 Apr 2016 | about 2 years ago

Best Indian Tv Shows Of All Time

Indian entertainment television channels have always had a captive audience for their tele-serials may it be the saas- bahu melodrama or the mythological stories. Non-believers, who felt the Indian youth of the 21st century would not relish these Hindu epics on TV, have been proven wrong. Lets have a look at the all time favorite mythological show on Indian TV 1 Mahabharat (1988 TV Series) The epic story of the family feud between the noble Pandava princes and their scheming cousins, the Kaurava kings. 2 Ramayan (1986 TV Series) The Lord incarnated upon the earth nine times. The seventh was known as "Ram Avatar." Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan was the story of the incarnation. It covered the entire story in detail up to Ram's coronation. 3 Shri Krishna (1989 TV Series) The swapnil joshi starrer TV series was an instant hit 4 Om Namah Shivay (2005 TV Series) The Hindu saga of Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati, was followed by many viewers 5 Vikram Aur Betaal (1988 TV Series) Based on India mythological collection of 25 stories known as Baital Pachisi. It revolves around the Kind Vikram who is tasked to capture a Betaal... 6 Buddha 2013 A special programme on the occasion of 'Buddha Purnima', which commemorated the birth, enlightenment, and death of Gautama Buddha. 7 Suryaputra Karna An ongoing Indian History television series, which premiered on 29 June 2015 on Sony TV 8 Devon-Ke-Dev-Mahadev The 2011 TV series was a perfect balance of drama, action and fantasy. The character of Mahadev was much appreciated among the audience going by how Indians love their mythologies, the gods it seems are here to stay on telly. Which mythological series was your favourite? To stay updated on the latest television news subscribe us

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