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Top 10 Upcoming PS4 Games of 2016 | HOT!!!
top 10 upcoming ps4 games of 2016 right here buddies!! the top 10 upcoming playstation 4 games of 2016 , man , they are gonna make history!! Here i have got all those hot games coming out to ps4 in 2016 ,from all genre! Get ready to experience the next level gaming!! The graphics and details have evolved to insane!! Road to 25K SUBZZ SPECIAL!!!! :P Honorable Mentions: Hitman,Call of duty Black Ops 3, Far cry 5, Doom, Need for speed. Enjoy the vid and dont miss out the latest updates here at NGZ, and,, READY TO HACK THE FUTURE? Yeah? HIT THAT SHINY RED SUBSCRIBE BUTTON RIGHT NOW AND JOIN THE REVOLUTION!! Thanx for watching the vid and CYA SOON at our NEXT VID :) Peace :) Music Credits NCS :

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